Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.

NetResults Tracker Software Updates and Support (SUS)

Subscription Renewal Information

To view and renew your Software Updates and Support (SUS) subscription, please submit the license information from your current installation. We will use this license information to display the options to renew your SUS subscription.

Find Current Installation Information

You can find the license information for your current installation by selecting Start > Programs > NetResults Tracker > License Manager on the machine on which NetResults Tracker is installed (web server). If you are using version 5 or 6, you will then need to click on the Static or Floating tab to view the license information for your Static and/or Floating license(s). If you have both Static and Floating licenses, you can enter either set of license information (you do not need to enter both). If you are using version 3.5 or earlier, use Static as the "License Type".

View SUS Subscription Renewal Information

Fill in the following fields and click "View SUS Renewal" button to view your SUS subscription renewal information.
All fields are required.

1. Provide Your Information

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell or rent your email address.

2. Provide Current Installation Information

First, select the "License Type" of the license key you are submitting. You must only submit a Static or Floating license key. Please do not enter any other license key.

Then, enter the license information (Company or User Name, Email Address, # of Licenses, and Software ID) exactly as it is displayed in the NetResults Tracker License Manager. Version 6 & 5 keys include a Company Name. Version 4 & 3 keys include a User Name.
License Type:
Company or User Name:
Email Address:
# of Licenses:
Software ID:
Allowed format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

3. View SUS Renewal Information


After you click the "View SUS Renewal" button, your license information will be verified. If the license information matches information that we have on file, your SUS subscription renewal information will be displayed.

If you have any questions about your SUS subscription, please contact NetResults Sales.

Purchase Additional Licenses

To purchase additional licenses, please browse to the Licenses Order page.


If you have any questions about your SUS subscription, please contact Sales.



NetResults Tracker (also called NRTracker) is a web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, workflow management, process management, knowledge base, help desk, and automated support portal.


NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)) or as a packaged software.