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Tracker Features

Version 3.5.1


  • The Inet Page (Customer Bug Page) now displays the problem record number (PRN) on the pages that confirms that a record has been added.
  • Additional information has been added to the following Help sections: Preparation for Installing ProblemTracker located in Setup; Adding Records (attachments section) and Record Attachments in the User's Guide; and Security Model and Privileges in the Administration Guide.
  • Rather than displaying an error for requesting data from dates in the future, the Summary function (charts & graphs) just doesn't display values for dates beyond today. Only if all dates requested are beyond today (e.g. the start date is in the future) will it display an error message.
  • If there is an error connecting to the database while processing a Summary (charts & graph) request, more detailed error information is now displayed.


  • Override Record-Level Security (user group) privilege did not work on the Home, Query results, and Task pages (it was as if the user did not have the privilege on those pages). Now it is functional for all pages.
  • When a user with Add Attachment via Add Page privilege added a new problem report using a Netscape browser, if they did not actually include an attachment, the status message would state "Add Attachment failed" (even though no attempt was made to add an attachment). This has been fixed.
  • If a there was an error adding a file attachment from the Add page, the specific error was not displayed (e.g. "Access Denied" was not displayed). The new version will display error details if a file attachment was not added in the Status bar.
  • Installation on a system using Internet Information Server (IIS) where the (virtual) web site that was used for Problem- Tracker was configured to disable anonymous authentication resulted in authentication errors when attempting to browse to ProblemTracker. The new installation program automatically configures anonymous authentication for (and only for) ProblemTracker virtual directories. Security can be added later either by using IP address filtering or SSL (https) encryption via the web server and/or by configuring the system according to the Web Server Security section of the Setup manual in the ProblemTracker Help.
  • Installation on a system with an older version of Internet Information Server (IIS) that is no longer supported (IIS 3.0 or prior), could result in a misleading error message if a user selected IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0 as their browser (both of those are supported). If IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0 was selected on a system with IIS 3.0 or prior, the messages state that Netscape had been detected, but IIS had not. The message has been updated to provide a more detailed explanation of the situation.

Version 3.5.0


  • Charts and Graphs, Preview Release 1 Interactive Bar Charts, Pie Charts, and Line Charts of various statistics gathered using problem records and record history are now available as a part of the Summary operation.
  • Query results are now paged (20 per page).
  • Old records can now be selectively deleted (purged) from the database in a single operation (all records matching a query may be deleted).
  • All records (and associated record history) may be permanently removed (to restart with new records, but save existing configuration such as workflow, users, problem record definition, etc.).
  • An attachment can be added directly from the Add page (along with the problem report itself). Available to users who are members of a user group with the new Add Attachment privilege. Upgraded systems will have this privilege off for all groups except for Admins.
  • An attachment can be added directly from the Inet Page (Customer Bug Page). Available if the new Add Attachment option is checked in the Inet Page Options page in the Admin section. By default this is turned off for upgraded systems.
  • A user group may be given the new Override Record- Level Security privilege to allow members of the user group to view all records irrespective of their record visibility/security settings. This can be useful for environments where Record-Level Security is used to keep "external" users from viewing each others' records, but where "internal" users should be able to easily view all records.
  • Sort order (ascending vs. descending) may be specified for each individual sort field in a Query.
  • A special user name "LoginUser" may be used in the query page when specifying Assignee or Reporter. If it is used then when the query is actually run, the value will be the user who is logged in. This can be especially useful for defining a single Home query (at the "Users" User Group level) for all users in the system.
  • The number of pulldown menus has been increased from 10 to 20. So you can configure up to 20 pulldown menus in a single problem record.
  • Adding or removing large numbers of users from a User Group has been simplified. Simply click the Users button next to a User Group, then select the users to be added or removed and click an add or remove button.
  • Added more automated configuration via the installation program.
  • SQL Server 6.5 is no longer supported for new installations; however, ProblemTracker 3.5 will work with existing (upgraded) SQL Server 6.5 installations (those at Service Pack 2 or higher). 


  • Fixed installation program defects related to sites with large numbers of virtual directories, reinstall after a failed uninstall, certain types of WSH installations, and file system permissions.
  • Fixed disabled Cancel button at the bottom of Edit Result Set page for Netscape Navigator.
  • Fixed defects related to use of a case sensitive SQL Server installation.
  • Fixed defect related to name change of a user that was defined as Assigned To on Next or Assigned To on Previous for one or more states.
  • Various Help page updates, including a fix for the instructions regarding adding workgroups beyond 5 (the workgroups that are installed using the installation program).

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