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Tracker Features

Version 3.1.6

  • Fixed bug that may intermittently result in an error when attempting to connect to SQL Server systems. The error message includes "Login failed for user '(null)'." Though it could also include something other than (null) as the user. If you are using ProblemTracker 3.1.5 with SQL Server, please upgrade to 3.1.6, as even if this error is not appearing now, it may appear in the future. 

Version 3.1.5

  • Changed the following operations to make it faster to add multiple items (one after the other):
  - Add User
- Add User Group
- Add Option (Pulldown) Menu Item
- Add (Workflow) State
  • Verified support for the recently released (general availability version) of SQL Server 2000; although not fully documented yet (should be updated in the next Problem- Tracker release), the system does work with SQL Server 2000. While support for SQL Server 7.0 will continue, SQL Server 6.5 may not be supported in future releases.
  • Fixed some pages that did not work properly when SQL Server is used in "case-sensitive" mode (by default SQL Server is case insensitive). The fixed pages include some of the pages used in workflow configuration as well as those used to add a file attachment.
  • Fixed some defects in the new (as of 3.1.4) installation program related to handling international date support and program folder selection. o Updated/added FAQ entries (on NetResults' web site) to document how to move a ProblemTracker installation as well as how to "migrate" from Access to SQL Server.
  • Added additional information to "System Error" messages (so less information needs to be gathered by the customer to assist in tracking down the cause of the error).
  • Added some email tracing (to assist in tracking down problems related to sending email). o Fixed bug related to displaying URL fields when the URL field contains certain special characters (typically a form GET URL).

Version 3.1.4

  • New setup program provides automatic configuration of:
  - IIS 4.0  - IIS 5.0  - ODBC (DSN creation and deletion) - MS Access database - SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, and 2000 (local and remote) - Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 file system access control lists.
  • New setup program "Modify" feature allows addition and deletion of individual workgroups (including automatic configuration of web server, ODBC, SQL Server, and file system access control lists).
  • New setup program "Repair" feature automatically reinstalls program files (if they are accidentally deleted or modified).
  • New setup program "Remove" feature allows you to remove all installed files as well as all created databases. Or, you can remove all installed files, but leave databases (to simplify the process of moving to a new web server machine or reconfiguring the existing web server while preserving existing data).
  • Windows 2000 Server support.
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 support.
  • Updated Help sections on Setup (all subsections), Saved Queries & Reports, Database Administration, Multiple Project Support (Workgroup Administration), Customer Bug Page, Uninstalling ProblemTracker.
  • Fixed bug in which the StateGraph function did not operate correctly and presented an error if the non-US date formats are configured. (patch 3.1.3a)
  • Fixed the following bug. (patch 3.1.3b) If an Admin user deletes a Query Group that is in use in a Saved Query or was the most recently used value for Status the last time a user ran a query (clicked on Run Query in the Query page), then when the Saved Query is run or the user clicks on the Query icon, an error is displayed which includes the following line: Last Query: SELECT * FROM Process WHERE StateName='None' This fix includes an option (number 6) on the Admin Maintenance page which fixes any existing problems after the Query Group has been deleted. It also includes a fix so future Query Group deletes don't cause this problem again. To apply the fix for any existing problems, do the following for each workgroup (ptdev, ptweb, ptdev2, etc.). Login to ProblemTracker as Admin, click on the Admin icon in the navigation bar, click on the Maintenance button, click the GO>> button next to item 6 (Patch 3.1.3b) to repair the existing data.

Version 3.1.3

  • Modified upgrade procedures to improve compatibility with older Access drivers.
  • Added "Trial License Period" warning on Home page display.
  • Updated Help sections on Queries, Saved Queries & Reports, Login, and Support.
  • Updated description on date range for Date fields in Query page from "On or before" to "before" (which is actually what it does).
  • Fixed bug which excluded the Default Assignee from appearing in the pulldown menus for "Assigned to:"
  • Fixed "CGI Misbehaved" error when running the State Graph function (in Summary page) or the Database Administration Utility in some situations (depending on ptcgi directory permissions).
  • Fixed bug which sometimes displayed April 1, 1873 as the value for a Date field in Email (when field should have been blank).
  • Fixed bug which effectively disabled "Logout" function if web server security was applied to pt_admin.exe. Workaround of exiting browser window no longer needed.

Version 3.1.2

  • Fixed bug which resulted in the Assignee from the previous successful Add operation to be omitted from the subsequent Add page pulldown menu.
  • Added page in the Setup section in the ProblemTracker Help that discusses configuring International Date support ("Setting International Date Format").
  • Fixed CGI crash (resulting in "CGI misbehaved" message) that occurred if there was a database error and the ptcgi directory was configured such that the "effective user" (typically the IIS Anonymous User) did not have write permission (that is NT permissions on the actual ptcgi directory, not IIS (web server) permissions). Added a new pttmp directory (created on installation of 3.1.2) that now contains any error information that the CGIs may write as well as temporary files used in email creation. ptcgi directory now only requires NT "Read" (really read & execute (RX)(RX)) permission. pttmp directory requires NT "Change" permission. Minimum acceptable NT permissions are (RX)(X) on ptcgi and (RWXD)(RWD) on pttmp. To check these, from Windows Explorer, right-click on the directory, click on Properties, click on Security tab, click on Permissions button.
  • Fixed incorrect handling (display) of & and " characters in the Attachment description field.
  • BigText and RelNum fields are no longer allowed as SortBy fields since the databases cannot sort by these data types.
  • Upgrade requirement feature added. The ProblemTracker user is now notified if a database upgrade is required at login time.
  • Fixed bug in the enforcement of a the "required" property of a pulldown field in the problem record when performing multiple Add operations in a row. It was properly enforced on the first Add, but was not being properly enforced for Adds done immediately after the first Add.
  • International date configuration format bugs fixed. Default (non-displayed) date format problems fixed. User is now warned about importance of matching the date format/delimiters with a format acceptable to the database in use.
  • Fixed bug in International date-time support for the Inet (Customer Bug) page. The date/time format was not being properly initialized in the field when the "Now" button was clicked.
  • History record Invalid field value now always matches the status of its parent problem record. The upgrade process will remap any history records which exhibit this problem.
  • An Edit Query Results operation in which the user updates a RelNum field now functions correctly (previously resulted in a database error).
  • The Edit operation when invoked from a Query Result return was missing the File/URL Attachment type specification pulldown.

Version 3.1

  • Uploadable file attachments added. In addition to existing URL attachments, files from the user's platform may now be automatically uploaded to the server as an attachment.
  • International date formats now supported. The following formats are now possible (database system permitting). Date Formats - mm dd yyyy dd mm yyyy yyyy mm dd Date Delimiters - "/","-","." (Note: date formats must comply with date formats supported by the localized database version installed on the server system)
  • Per-product default (initial) assignee is now supported. The default assignee for a problem record is now determined by the State Manager assignments. The default assignee is the State Manager who is assigned to the default state (e.g. Reported) for the product which is specified in the problem report (value of the Product field). For backward compatibility, the global default assignee specified in the User Administration page (check mark in the default assignee column next to one user), will be used if the default state manager (for the selected product) is set to TBD. However, in future releases, the global default assignee will be removed. If, at that point, you wish to continue to use a single default assignee for all problem reports (irrespective of which product is specified in the problem report), you should configure the same user as the State Manager for the default state (e.g. Reported) for all products.
  • Record locking during Edit/Task/Delete operations added to prevent simultaneous edit of ProblemTracker records. Record locking can be enabled/disabled and applies per user/per record. Stale record locks (e.g. user exits browser) can be cleared by Administrator or original user.
  • Saved Report Layouts now supports 20 configurable fields instead of 10.
  • Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server migration procedure has been simplified in ProblemTracker and detailed in the Help documentation.
  • A "True Delete" operation has been added. This feature can be configured via the "General Preferences" Admin function. When "True Delete" is enabled, deleting a record permanently removes it and all attachments from the database. One history record is left as a reminder of the delete operation.
  • Documentation upgraded to reflect latest Netscape Enterprise Server edition.
  • "Reported By" field no longer shows up by default for the externally visible Internet User Add page (Customer Bug Page).
  • Release Number subfields (i.e. b,c,d) now correctly appear when using the "Format for Printing" option. These previously showed up as blanks in this display page.
  • In earlier releases, if the database type were changed, the Administrative user was required to logout prior to running additional ProblemTracker operations.
  • Ampersand character which was incorrectly being mapped in the Saved Report name pulldown list has been corrected.
  • "DefaultPrintFormat" preference is no longer entered into the database on every login. Previously, the database table which contained this value could increase in size with every login.
  • Sample Access template databases now match the .CSV template files used for importing into SQL Server databases.
  • Display bug in the Home Page query has been fixed. This bug appeared when the visibility restriction was set too high and the Home Page query resulted in an empty set return.
  • Fixed bug which prevented groups alphabetically following the "Users" group from being displayed during an add operation in the "Make Visible to These Groups" field.
  • Fixed a group name mapping bug which occurred when a group was renamed.
  • Fixed a bug in the Add operation which prevented FLOAT data types from being saved in the database when a problem record is first added.
  • Fixed an upgrade bug in going from 3.0->3.05 when using the SQL Server database.

To read about the features in Versions 3.0 - 3.065, click here.



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