Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.

Tracker Features

Version 3.065

  • Required pulldowns now only require that the value for a field be different than the default value. Previously the user was always required to select a value.
  • Delete operation now prompts for a history comment
  • Edit operation includes a form to edit another record after updating a record.
  • Reset button added to forms to allow resetting field values to their initial state, as when the page was first displayed.
  • You can now optionally specify if text fields in emails should be truncated or not. This option is located in the Admin section on the main Email Configuration page under "Set Global Email Options"
  • To support older MS Access ODBC drivers, sorting is no longer allowed by a large text field type (Description, Workaround, etc).
  • Sorting is now optional for all queries, previously the user was required to select 4 fields to sort by.
  • Sort by pulldown field text is now 20 characters for improved readability.

Version 3.0 - 3.05

  • Record Level Security is now optional:  The security requirements of each organization are different and trusted environments such as small workgroups often do not require record level security. In addition, record level security does add complexity to searches, often with the result of a longer page load time.  Version 3.04 allows you to disable record level security. This means that all records are visible to all users of the system, however in many cases queries will run more quickly. To enable or disable record level security, click on the Admin button, and then click on the "General Preferences" button.
  • Saved Password:  Each user may now specify whether their browser should save their ProblemTracker password. If the box labeled "Remember Password" that appears on the login screen is checked, the password will be saved by the browser and automatically filled in the next time the user attempts to log in. This option may also be set under the Personal Preferences that appear on each user's Home Page.
  • Auto Login:  When this feature is enabled, the user is automatically logged into ProblemTracker. That is, when the login URL is entered into the browser, the user is sent directly to the home page, completely bypassing the log in process.  To enable Auto Login, click on the Edit button on the Home Page to change your Personal Preferences, and then check both the box labeled "Remember Password" and "Auto Login". The next time you enter the login URL into your browser, it will bypass the login page and go directly to the home page.  Auto Login is disabled automatically if the last user to log in does not match the last password saved. In this case you are presented with a normal login dialog.
  • Customizable Home Page Report:
    • The home page reports will use the group saved report named "Home" for the group "Users" if one is defined. Only the first 5 columns of this report layout are used.
    • The home page reports will use a personal report layout named "Home" if one is defined. Only the first 5 columns of this report layout are used. The personal "Home" saved report layout overrides the Users group "Home" report layout if both are defined.
    • The query used for the "Last 20 Records Assigned To You" report can be customized for each user by defining a personal saved query named "Home". Using this mechanism each user can define any query they like. The query used for all users may also be customized by defining a group saved query for the Users group named "Home". A personal "Home" saved query overrides the group "Home" saved query.
  • "Clear" button has been added to Query pages to allow resetting all query fields to a value that always matches.
  • "Now" button added next to date/time fields to allow quick intialization to the current date/time.
  • "Annotate" button added next to large text fields to allow dropping an annotation string in the text field of the following format:
  • Query Result Set Update:  A new feature has been added to allow making modifications to all records that match a particular query. This feature is useful for task such as updating common fields such as release numbers. Because this feature can make very large, permanent changes to your database, it is recommended that you back up your database before using this feature.  This feature is only visible to users who are a member of a group that have the "Edit Query Result Set" privilege. In general because this feature is very powerful, it is recommended that you limit it to Admin level users.  To Edit a Query Result Set, run any query, and then click on the "Edit Results" button. A new form is displayed with all the fields for the record blank. Any modifications made are applied to all the records in the query result set.
  • Text (Non-Tabular) Print Format:  A new print option has been added to allow you to print query results in a textual (non-tabular) format. This format requires more vertical space for each record, however all text will always fit onto the printed page.  To select the new format, use the pulldown next to the "Format For Printing" button. By default the value is "Table". You can select the new format by selecting "Text". The last setting will be remembered for each user.


NetResults Tracker (also called NRTracker) is a web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, workflow management, process management, knowledge base, help desk, and automated support portal.


NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)) or as a packaged software.