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Self Registration

Self Registration is a feature which allows your end users to create their own ProblemTracker user account. This is useful in environments where there is a large number of end users and it is not known which of those end users will need a user account.

When activating this feature, the ProblemTracker Administrator selects the default license type to be applied to all new user accounts created by this feature. Users can self-register provided that there are sufficient licenses available to create the new user accounts. When the license limit is reached, users will be prompted that they cannot self-register and should contact their ProblemTracker Administrator.

To self register, a user browses to the ProblemTracker Login Page and clicks on the Self-Register link. The user will be required to provide some information to create a user account. After the user account has been created, the user is directed back to the Login Page to enter the username and password of their new account. This new account is added to the User Administration section.

Enabling Self Registration

The following steps are required to enable the Self Registration feature: