NetResults ProblemTracker
General Preferences

To modify the ProblemTracker general preferences, press the "General Preferences" button located on the ProblemTracker Administrator home page. You can modify the following preferences:

General Options

Record Visibility Options

Record Visibility allows a ProblemTracker administrator to set up an environment where access to records is restricted on a user group basis. Disabling record visibility can have the benefit of faster performance since enforcing record visibility restrictions requires more complex database queries. Please review the user group privileges in the User Administration section for internal user groups. If there are already records entered into the workgroup, you may wish to edit the record visibility of those records using the Edit Results operation in the Query page.

Record Visibility and the Inet Page

Since there is no logged in user associated with issues reported via the Inet Page, there is a setting available in the Inet Page Options to configure the Record Visibility for issues submitted via the Inet Page. If the Inet Page feature is enabled and Record Visibility is enabled, please verify that the "Make Visible To These User Groups" setting in the Inet Page Options is set such that issues added via the Inet Page are visible to the appropriate user groups.

Record Visibility and Add via Email

When processing emails, ProblemTracker may not be able to map an incoming email to a user account (there is no user account with the same email address). In that case, it uses the Record Visibility settings in the Incoming Mail Configuration for the record which it creates from the unmapped email. If the Add Records via Email feature is enabled and Record Visibility is enabled, please verify that the "Record Visibility for Unmapped Emails" setting in "Set Global Mail Options" for Incoming Mail is set such that issues added via email which can not be mapped to a user account are visible to the appropriate user groups.

Source Code Control Options

Multinationalization Options

Configuring Record Visibility

Record Visibility is a feature that restricts the records a user is able to access based on user group membership. This is useful in environments where you need to limit the records that are accessible to customers or external users while still allowing these users to access records that are pertinent to their company or account. To configure Record Visibility, please use the steps below:

  1. Enable the feature and set the Record Visibility options in the General Preferences section described above
  2. Set the Record Visibility privileges in the Privileges section
  3. For any user that is not a member of a user group with the privilege "Override Record Visibility" (most likely all external users or customers), add the user to at least one user group other than the "Users" group so that this user can see the records he/she reported. For example, you may choose to create a user group for each company, vendor, or external user. This is required because by setting the option By Default Include Group 'Users' for Record Visibility on Add Operation to "No" in the General Preferences, any records added to the system will not be accessible to members of the Users group. If the user is a member of only "Users" group, then he/she cannot even view the records they submitted. Refer to the User Groups section for details on creating user groups and adding users as members