NetResults ProblemTracker
Admin Overview

The ProblemTracker Administration section is the interface for performing customization and maintenance. In order to access the Administration section for a workgroup, you must be logged in as a user with the Admin privilege. The Admin group always has this privilege, and the Admin user is always a member of this group.

The initial Admin user password is "Admin". When you first log in to the system after installation, you can do so using this User ID and password. It is recommended that you change this password before adding other users to the system.

The Admin icon linked directly to the ProblemTracker Administration section is included in the ProblemTracker Button Bar for all members of user groups that have the Admin privilege enabled.

When clicking on the Admin icon for the first time, ProblemTracker will check to see if there is a newer version available. If a newer version is available, you will see a note at the top of the Administration section.

The following options are available in the Administration section:

Define Record
Adding, editing, and removing fields from the data record can be done in this section. The settings in this area also contain options such as, on which pages and to which user groups should a field be made visible, the order of the fields on each page, and whether a field is required as well as settings for the features dependent pulldowns, auto fill, and field help.

Option Menus
The option menu items for each pulldown field are defined in this section. You can also select a default value for the Add page and set up dependencies between pulldowns.

Define Workflow
Add, edit, remove, and setup the workflow process, including configuring the list of states, transitions, fields that are presented during the Task operation, alerts, state managers, and other workflow properties.

Email Configuration
Allows you to set up the email server, define the default notification preferences, per-product notification preferences, and incoming mail server configuration.

User Administration
In this section you can add, edit, and remove user accounts. You can also setup user groups and their respective privileges as well as define the fields on each page a user group can access.

User Sessions
You can use this section to see how many active sessions there are for the workgroup. You have the option to end any of the sessions (e.g. to perform maintenance on the workgroup).

General Preferences
Set options for general parameters for this workgroup

User Preferences
Set default personal preferences applied to any new user accounts added to this workgroup

Send Email
Allows you to send an email to a user or user group in this workgroup. Also used for troubleshooting email issues.

This section contains an option to delete test records from this workgroup. It also contains other utilities used to diagnose and repair ProblemTracker.

Inet Page Options
This section contains settings used to customize the Inet page for users to submit records anonymously to this workgroup. Use of this option requires a license key.

Knowledge Base
Settings for creating and customizing a searchable Knowledge Base are contained in this section. Use of this option requires a license key.

Note that many administrative functions can make large changes to the ProblemTracker database. While not necessary, it is generally a good policy to back up the database before performing an administrative task. Also, to prevent confusion to users (things may change suddenly as a result of an administrative task), it is recommended that you do so when no one is using the system.