NetResults ProblemTracker
Workflow States

The workflow is a set of steps that are used to process a record. Each step can be represented by a state. After creating the states in your workflow, you will create transitions, or paths, to move records from one state to another.

To define the workflow states, click on the "Define Workflow" button from the ProblemTracker Administration page.

Adding a State

To add a new state, click on the "Add State" button. The following options are presented:

State Name
Name of the state.

The order of the state. This will determine the order in which it appears in the Workflow Administration table. You may wish to order the states according to their place in the workflow process. For example, if Reported is the first state for all records, you may want to specify "0" as the order for this state. States which have the same value specified in the order field will be listed alphabetically.

Transition Label Style
The style of the labels that will be displayed when a transition is displayed in the Task operation. You can choose from three types of label styles:

After making selections for each of the options, click OK to add the new state. A message confirming the creation of the state will appear on the next screen. You can click on the Transitions button to define a set of transitions for this state. Or, click OK to return to the Define Workflow page.

Editing a State

To edit a state, click on the Edit button listed to the left of the state on the Workflow State table on the Define Workflow page.

Removing a State

To delete a state, click on the Delete button listed to left of the state on the Workflow State table on the Define Workflow page.