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Upgrading a Workgroup from Version 4.x to Version 4.1

Before attempting to upgrade a workgroup from a previous version in the 4.x series to 4.1, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your database.

This option should only be used to upgrade workgroups in the 4.x series. To upgrade a version 3.x workgroup, please review the Version 3.x Upgradesection.

To upgrade a workgroup from a previous version in the 4.x series to version 4.1, click on the Admin button on the Button Bar, Select the option "Upgrade Workgroups from previous 4.x version to ProblemTracker 4.1". Select a workgroup from the pulldown menu, then click on the Upgrade Workgroup button. A confirmation page will be displayed confirming that the workgroup files have been upgraded. Click on the Continue button to proceed with upgrading the data for the workgroup.

Another confirmation page will be displayed listing several areas of your database that need a time zone selection. Select a time zone for each these areas. The time zone you select can be different from the time zone you selected for your ProblemTracker server during the Version 4.1 installation setup. For a list of available time zones in your operating system, please refer to one of the following sections:
Windows 2000 and Windows XP Time Zones
Windows NT 4.0 Time Zones

Click on the Upgrade Data button to proceed, then click OK to confirm. Click OK after the upgrade operation has completed.