NetResults ProblemTracker
Server Directories

ProblemTracker installs files on your web server into a directory specified during the installation process. Within this directory are a content (ptdev, ptweb, ptdev2, ptdev3, ptdev4, etc...) and a program (ptcgi) directory. The name of the content directory is determined by which workgroup(s) of ProblemTracker are installed, as shown in the following table:

ProblemTracker Workgroup Content Directory
Software Development /ptdev
Web Site Development /ptweb
Additional Software Development #2 /ptdev2
Additional Software Development #3 /ptdev3
Additional Software Development #4 /ptdev4

The setup program prompts for a web server content root directory, and these directories are created under this directory.

You must ensure that the content and program directories are added to the web server's list of valid directories, and that the program (ptcgi) directory is given execute permission.

The following sections contain instructions on adding the ProblemTracker directories to each of the following web servers: